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Officers, Directors, Stewards

It takes a lot of people to make Quelab happen. These are the peope who donate of their time to make the makerspace what it is. They all serve as unpaid volunteers, and deserve a thumbs up for their dedication & service!

If you have any questions and are not sure who to talk to, please feel free to contact

Board of Directors

Directors are elected by the members, in an annual election in February. There can be up to 11 Directors, though Quelab is currently operating with 7. They serve a two year term, and the number of directors replaced at each election alternates between 3 & 4.

Board of Directors Policy

Office Contact Name Email Address
Board Chair
& Director
Rebecca Snyder Serving until 2023
Director Adric Menning Serving until 2023
Director Bill Kriegh Serving until 2024
Director Brian Oborn Serving until 2024
Director Craig Goldsmith Serving until 2024
Director Darrel Knutson Serving until 2024
Director Hugh Hulse Serving until 2023

Statutory Officers

These positions are appointed by the Board & are up for renewal annually, usually in October.

Office Contact Name Email Address
President Adric Menning
Vice President John Murray
Treasurer Bill Kriegh
Secretary Bill Kriegh

Stewards & Area Captains

Stewards are those members that step up to manage a responsibility or space within Quelab. The Board appoints them with the assistance of the President. These positions are up for renewal annually, usually in October. Area Captains have a specific room or area they are responsible for within Quelab. All Area Captains are Stewards, but not all Stewards are Area Captains.


Office Contact Name Email Address
Education vacant
Events vacant
Facilities John Murray
Historian Adric Menning
Social Media & Communications Rebecca Snyder
Membership Sherie Pennebaker
Office Manager John “JT” Benedetto
Outreach Wizard Charel Morris

Area Captains

Office Contact Name Email Address
3D Printing Tim
Annex Steve
Arcade Ed
Clay Sherie
Digital Arts Darrel
Donations Bill Kreigh
Darren Moody
Electronics Lab Aaron
Fiber Arts Rebecca
Ham Shack Erik
Laser Cutter Craig “Zoot”
Machine Shop Denis
Rentals vacant Adric Menning, Current point of contact
Stained Glass Sherie
Welding John Murray
Tim Torres
Woodshop Darrel
Silk Screening Aaron

Officers Only