For Prospective members:

Once you've signed up and joined Quelab, you still need to attend a new member Orientation session. This one to two hour session goes over the basics of what it means to be a good Quelab citizen. We want to make sure that YOU stay safe, that tools remain undamaged & in good working order, and everything is secure (so nothing mysteriously walks away in the night).

For Officers leading an orientation:

Orientations - Show new members how Quelab works, including duties of officers, board, and general members. Take new members on a safety tour of the space. Take membership fees and enter these fees into 4square, and get new members set up with a key fob and door code. Here are the orientation instructions:

  • Orientation PowerPoint : :Quelab Orientation
  • media=quelab_orientation.pptx | Quelab Orientation]]

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