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Asset Disposition Officer

(aka Donations Officer)

Responsible for:
Donation Dropzone

Contact Info
John “JT” Benedetto


The Donations Officer's primary responsibility is to process the incoming donations of equipment, sorting the gold from the dross, and either reselling or scrapping the rest. All donated items should be stored in the Donation Dropzone (currently in the Annex) until claimed for the corporation, listed for member claim, or disposed of properly (recycled/scrap).


  • Be a point of contact for potential donors regarding the handling of donations
  • Coordinate with the Treasurer for tax receipt purposes
  • Organize the donation dropzone
  • Coordinate with Shop Foreman
  • Implement a system for disposition of donations, prioritizing the following:
    • Quelab needs; followed by
    • Members’ needs; followed by
    • Monetizing donations (eBay, Craigslist, swap meets, etc.); followed by
    • Scrapping or disposing of donations if necessary and with lead time to the membership
  • Identify and document a secondary Asset Disposition Manager
  • Coordinate with other officers & directors regarding donations
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