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APPENDIX B - Election Policy

The Board of Directors will call an election using the procedure as specified under §4.9 and will set the date of the election. Nominations will be solicited for 30 days prior to the required notification of the meeting under §3.3 such that the full slate of approved candidates will be ready for publication at the official announcement of the election.

Article 1 - Eligibility

Voting shall be open to all members in good standing (See §3.2) in the month that the election is held. Voting will be held by secret ballot and counted by a Board of Canvass convened by the Vice President.

Article 2 - Nominations

Nominations shall be solicited from all members in good standing. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the board or a designated Selection Committee. All nominees will be contacted by the Selection Committee to ensure their willingness to stand for election, and serve if elected. Members can nominate themselves for a position up for election, but the nominations will be vetted by the Selection Committee based on the following qualifying criteria: Directors must meet the qualifications stated §4.2; Directors are not mandated to be members of the corporation during their term of office.

Article 3 - Procedures

Section 1. Notice of Meeting

The Board will call an election based on the criteria of §4.9 and their designate shall notify the membership following the procedures in §3.3. The designate will specify in this communication how many seats are up for election and when the election will occur (time & location).

Section 2. Quorum

A quorum of the members (53%) will be required for an election to be certified. Members shall be deemed as present if physically present or if they voted electronically (as defined in the operations manual) by the end of the election period .