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Woodworking Shop

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Gonner Menning

The Woodshop manager is in charge of the Quelab woodshop.

The term of office for the Woodshop manager is one year, and is appointed by the board with the advice of the President.

The responsibilities of the area-captain are as follows:

  • Organize woodshop layout
    • Track Member Owned Property tags and follow up with abandoned projects
    • Disperse materials donated to the woodshop
  • Organize cleaning of the woodshop
  • Coordinate basic use and safety training for tool usage within the woodshop
  • Be a point of contact for the board, membership, and wider public for questions regarding usage of the woodshop space
  • Coordinate with other officers/board members on issues regarding the woodshop
  • Serve as a member of the Facilities Workgroup for any issues regarding the woodshop
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