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Prusa Mendel

THIS CONTENT IS HISTORICAL: This printer CAUGHT FIRE and was rebuilt by Ben Kuttesch and Morgan Gangwere in Mid-to-late april.

The Prusa Mendel was a 3D printer built by Alfred in 2013. It came to the end of its life in 2016 when the head caught fire. It was replaced by the Prusa i3.


  • In January 2013, Quelab hosted a crowdfunding campaign to purchase a public-use 3D Printer, based on the Prusa Mendel style of reprap.
  • Other members have a reprap style of printer and can be a good point to ask questions of
    • Ray - Reprap
    • Julie - RepRap w/ e3d hotend
    • Alfred - Custom Air2 XL (Cochren Mod)
    • Jeremy - Customized Prusa Air 2

Details / Current configuration

Work path

  • Take STL file into slic3r and configure layers, infill, cooling and other settings → export to gocde
    • Now that there are two printers, make sure you have the proper printer and filament type selected
  • Take export gcode into Pronterface, connect to printer, heat printer, load file and print

Parts used

Log book

* If you make a change to the printer itself or fix something, please document it here

Date Operator Description
3/1/15 Alfred releveled the bed, added heatshrink to Z-rods,
3/1/15 JTH cleaned glass and reapplied hairspray
?/?/16 morgang CAUGHT FIRE: REBUILT