Digital Arts room

Area Captain
Darrel Knutson


  • DesignJet large format printer
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Silhouette Portrait desktop vinyl cutter

This room houses a wide-format vinyl cutter and a large format HP5500PS printer. The printer was a donation to the space, coming to us BROKEN! Ray Finch was able to repair it for use by the membership.

This room also has our Silhouette Portrait desktop vinyl cutter (which was formerly in the Fiber Arts room).

While you need to provide your own vinyl for the cutters, we have multiple print stock on hand.

  • Pricing for the DIGITAL ARTS LAB:
    • Bond Paper - Free
    • Photo Paper - $1.25 per linear foot
    • Canvas - $2.25 per linear foot

For more information & training, please send a message to the Members' mailing list.

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