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-====== ​Business Office ​======+====== ​Electronics Lab ======
-The business office, also known as the officer'​s cave.  It's a boring place full of paperwork, notes, and office supplies.+<WRAP third right box>​**Area Captain** \\ 
 +Charlie Fullerton\\ 
-It's also locked, but any of the officers should have key; it's where we put things to be secured for membersand also where the treasurer holds office hours.+The Electronics lab contains tools & equipment to work on your electronics projects. ​ Please keep your bench area clean & return tools when you are finished with them.  If you are leaving ​project in the area, please tag it with a green PERSONAL PROJECT tagso we know whose it is. 
 +[[room_map|Return to building map]]
-[[room_map | Return to the building map]] 
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