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-====== ​3D Printing Room ======+====== ​Secondary Electronics & Workspace ​======
-<WRAP third right box> +It contains a workbench & misc. storage. ​ Unless it is marked with a green PERSONAL PROJECT tag, the items in this room are up for grabs & can be used by members for projects & what not.
-<wrap caution>​YELLOW TOOLS</​wrap>​\\ +
-Orion Delta Printer\\ +
-RepRap Prusa Mendel</​WRAP>​+
-This is our 3D printing foundry, where the lab's three FDM 3D Printers live. We have an Orion delta-bot (donated by SeeMeCNC), a refurbished Makerbot Thing-o-Matic (also a donation) and our [[:​reprap_prusa_mendel|RepRap Prusa Mendel]] ([[https://​quelab.net/​donate/​community-supporters/​prusa-mendel-hall-of-fame/​|crowdfunded]]). +[[room_map|Return to building map]]
- +
-[[room_map | Return to the building map]] +
- +
----- +
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