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 + Space Cadets Meeting Minutes 100316
 +Attending: Drew, Celeste, Bandit, Darren, Adric, Rebecca, JT
 + The Board’s response to the SC proposal was discussed - adding all area captains to the group, three voting members
 +Point to discuss: Area Captains control their area, and need to be involved with & have final say with regards to their area
 +The Area Captain of the Arcade has spoken that the love seat in the Arcade should come out.
 +Adric’s point of the meeting:
 +Main agenda item:
 +Establish whether we can follow the Board’s response from April 29, 2016
 +Three voting members
 +Area Captains as members
 +What else?
 +Can those area captains not interested in being active on the Space Cadets be allowed to ‘opt out’ in some fashion?  That would help with the voting requirements
 +Q. - Are the Area Captains & the Facilities Manager on the SC mailing list?   Adric will check the configuration of the list.
 +Adric trimmed the Space Cadets Mailing list to only those that responded to his inquiry about staying a member of the Space Cadets; those people are the current subscribers
 +Current list of Area Captains
 +3-D Printing: position currently vacant
 +Arcade - Troy Ross
 +Assets: Darren Moody
 +Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim
 +Facilities: John Murray
 +Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker
 +Laser: Jonny Romero
 +Metal Shop: Eric Lee
 +Welding: John Murray
 +Woodshop: Gonner Menning
 +These people responded to Adric’s request of who wanted to be involved 
 +Ben Cole
 +Eternity (ET)
 +Some discussion took place on the ByLaws on how consensus works & the quorum requirement works
 +“Opt Out’- can it be permanent or one time?  How to handle for voting requirements?  
 +Adric proposal - Area captains being allowed a permanent opt out of voting for Space Cadets.  And must opt in via email to the list prior to call to vote, for reasons for quorum. 
 +Can we meet the requirements for quorum?
 +All Area Captains are Officers, but not all Officers are not Area Captains
 +Volunteers - Rebecca, Bandit, & Drew volunteered to be members at large.
 +Bandit has volunteered
 +It was suggested that the President be allowed a vote on the committee & was passed unanimously
 +Was there any concern about two family members on the group?  There was no dissent on the matter.
 +Proposed to meet quarterly, unless there are other higher priority items.
 +Current Items we know of - 
 +John Anthes’ question on moving the CNC to the Annex
 +Sherie asking about moving ceramics into the Annex by the sink
 +Sherie - moving Fiber arts into One, 3D print into Dragon’s Weir
 +Adric will check the configuration of the SC Mailing list & see if the Area Captains & the Facilities Manager are on the mailing list
 +Add Gonner
 +Add Bandit
 +Celeste to notify the area captains & the Facilities Manager about the Board’s decision to add them as members of the Space Cadets
 +A permanent opt out (for voting purposes) for Area Captains, until they notify us otherwise, for either a specific vote or in general (for purposes of quorum)
 +For voting, if votes go to online (email), some time limit be set, but a response is required from all voting members, no assumption that a lack of response equals a response. They must notify them & get a response
 +We have our three members at large - Drew Bernard, Rebecca Snyder, & Bandit Gangwere.
 +Bandit has volunteered to be the leader of the committee & it was passed by those present
 +It was proposed that the position of Quelab president be considered an Area Captain (“The Captain of us all”) & be allowed a vote on this Committee - voted on & passed unanimously 
 +Next meeting not decided up on yet, since we need to get a response from Sherie, since we will be addressing her request. Darren also asked to talk at the next meeting, too.
 +Meeting Adjourned - 8:31 p.m.