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 +Space Cadets Meeting 3-20-16
 +Though Geoff couldn't make the meeting, he prepped an information sheet listing
 +rents & other costs, as was requested by Darren & others. We want to thank him for
 +prepping that sheet, especially considering he missed the meeting because he was
 +- One early consideration was renting alternate space within Quelab, such as
 +Flynn's Arcade or Mission Control
 +- Three types of rentals were discussed:
 +- A room
 +- Storage Space (nook/cranny)
 +- Bench or table
 +Some liked the idea of a stationary bench, while others like the idea of a mobile
 +The following people have expressed interest in renting space at Quelab:
 +- Alice, for 1,000 sq. ft
 +- Aaron B., for a workbench
 +- Ben Cole, for ~30 sq. ft
 +- Josh P., for ~20 sq. ft
 +- Darrel, for ~20 sq. ft
 +- Aryon Hopkins, for display space (room 1
 +There was agreement on:
 +- There would be different rental rates, open storage vs. a room
 +- Large amount of space may net a lower rate per sq. ft (Aaron B. suggested
 +different rates for different places, upstairs storage $1/sq ft, first floor $2/sq
 +- It was suggested to charge $1.50/sq. ft for an approximate charge of $45 for
 +$45/month charge. At first we had 30 sq. ft (thus $45 a month) then Darrel/Aaron
 +came up with a finer calculation of a 4 x 6.5 ft space (for the fixed benches).
 +That came out to 27 sq. ft (except that should have been 26 sq. ft) at 40.5$ ( 26*
 +1.5 = 39 respectively)
 +- Rental rate for the Annex office at roughly $1.82/sq. ft (assuming ~220sq ft) for
 +a charge of $400/month
 +Gmail - Minutes from last meeting https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=6def380f53&view=pt&q=to...
 +1 of 7 9/11/2016 9:02 AM
 +- It was recommended to rent 1,000 sq. ft to Alice for a total of $700 a month,
 +her lease to run through November (the end of the current Quelab lease). Further it was
 +proposed that it would include the Annex "hallway" & the North wall (to have the
 +minimum impact) since she would be renting a third of the space. Alice found these
 +suggestions favorable.
 +- JT asked if we are obliged with the requirement to make back the additional rent
 +of the annex via rentals within the space?
 +- Darrel will send an email to the Members' list asking if anyone is interested in
 +renting space or a bench?
 +Details on Bench rental suggestions:
 +- a mobile bench would be cheaper than a stationary bench
 +- A fixed bench rental would be the square footage of the bench as well as 4.5 feet
 +back or so out from the bench to allow for the person renting it - A mobile bench
 +would be pulled out from its 'parking spot' and be returned there at the end of the
 +day and thus a mobile bench space is only charged per sq. ft of the bench itself.
 +-A discussion on who would manage the rental space assuming this was approved by
 +the board. A rental officer was suggested (although the treasurer would be paid
 +directly still).
 +Other Topics (briefly) discussed, probably to be brought up in the next meeting:
 +- The door in room 1 and whether it should be locked or have a breaker bar, to make
 +it a valid exit for the building?
 +- While the fermentation fridge is okay on the east wall, and brewing storage there
 +somewhere as well, the actual brewing cannot take place there, as there is a need
 +for proper ventilation. It was suggested to use the "Hood Room", since it has that
 +awesome vent hood.
 +- Geoff's suggestion of Silk screening also on that east wall was mentioned. At
 +this point in the meeting I am not sure how much agreement there was (most people
 +wanted to leave), but I think we agreed that that usable, non-donation gear would
 +go on the East Wall. At the moment that is beer equipment and the Silk Screening
 +- The donation zone - once purged & cleaned out - could be relocated to the west
 +wall & the north wall (outside the Annex office) (For the Alice Rental to occur this
 +would need to happen
 +- Darren suggested having a shelf unit in room 42, as the "up for grabs" shelf, for
 +donations that have been cleared by the Donations officer & okayed for any member
 +that wants them.
 +It was posited that the 3D printing room is insufficient and could be moved to the
 +Annex office, or expanded (perhaps combined with Mission Control by taking out a
 +It was also agreed that the entry room (Room 42) could use sprucing up. Gonner's
 +friend & fellow Quelab member Felicia is interested in doing so.
 +Here is the info we were going off of:
 +Summary of Calculations Considered
 +Current area: 6590 sq. ft
 +Annex area: 2986 sq. ft
 +Total area: 9576 sq. ft
 +Current Monthly rent: $2080
 +Monthly rent till October 31: $2848
 +Monthly rent as of November 1: $2314
 +Monthly rent total by November 1, 2018: $2454