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Schedule of Upcoming Events

  • Check out our Main page for the most up to date events info
  • Hacknight/Makenight, Sundays and Tuesdays starting at 7pm,
  • Co-working day Tuesdays 9-4pm: Bring a project or bring something you want to totally take apart. (or Grab from out box of “Hack this stuff”, all levels of experience welcome!
  • 2600 Hacker Quarterly, meeting, First Friday of every month! (about 6pm-10), Beer is always an option! Open to all curious about electronics, security, grey/black hattery.
  • General Business Meetings First-ish Sunday of the month 4:30pm @ Quelab! All are welcome to attend, with a potluck, so bring & enjoy food, too.

So what projects have you done to show for yourselves?

  • Space Chiles, In collaboration with Mach 30 and Adler Planetarium.
  • February Food month, Chocolate and other hack-able foods will be the focus this month.
  • Techmas 2011, Christmas crafting projects
  • The Haunted Lab, an open house behind the scenes look at how to make goulish and scary props and decorations out of everyday household items, for cheap!
  • "Steam Punk it up" Event: Craft fair/swap/workspace
  • Air, Space, and Beyond! Event: featuring guests from the ABQ Rocket Society and the Challenger learning Center. Fun will come in the form of balloons, rocketships and astronomy
  • Become an Eco-MacGyver After we all recover from the morning's Yardsale, We are rolling out our first ever Daytime event, to Help showcase our solar/reuse/renewable projects. And some from the community. At 2pm, we will open our doors for the main event, Sustainability: Become an Eco-MacGyver. We’ll be showcasing some neat sustainability-related projects and getting crafty with upcycling and recycling a variety of materials from plastic grocery bags to empty wine bottles to make useful, beautiful items for you to take home with you. You might win some nifty door prizes too!

And what about public appearances

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