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Types of tools

Tools at Quelab are ranked on a three-tier schedule for safety training. This is to protect both the tools and the users.

GREEN tools are hand-tools, and require taking our safety overview training and signing the waiver

YELLOW tools are small power-tools, and require an general area training

RED tools are specialist power tools, which can pose a danger to operators or bystanders, and require individual training

Getting training

Tool Class Training E-Mail How to get trained
Laser Cutter Red Subscribe to the Lasers list1), then send a request asking to be trained. There is a page on the wiki of those trained to use the Laser Cutter
3D Printers Yellow Subscribe to the 3D Printing list2), then send a request asking to be trained. The 3D Printing page has details on Quelab's 3D printers
Metal Shop Red Contact Eric Lee at the email to the left
Wood Shop Yellow Contact Gonner Manning at the email to the left
CNC carver Red internal listserv – At this point in time, the CNC machines are not yet fully functional, so there is no training set up for them yet
The Lasers list is restricted to active Quelab members only, and if you do not subscribe first, your e-mail will bounce
The 3D Printing list is open to anyone that wants to subscribe to it. However, you must be subscribed to it for your message to go through, otherwise it will bounce